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Why Holiday In New Zealand?

The simplest answer is why not? New Zealand has so much to offer its visitors it is no wonder that 2.5 million people a year choose the world’s most southern country as a superb holiday destination.

New Zealand is known for its spectacular scenery, stunning beaches, unspoiled forests is and magnificent mountains. It is perceived worldwide as both a “green” and exotic destination that offers visitors an incredible array of things to see and do.

This country boasts thousands of kilometres of unspoiled coastline as well as must see destinations like Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Milford Sound. One of kind “must do” attractions such as whale watching visiting the original home of bungee

The country is home to a wealth of huge and varied national parks as well as a multitude of visitor friendly natural attractions such as Waitomo Caves or beautiful and traditional cities such as Queenstown.

A Daily Telegraph poll found that British tourists considered New Zealand as the best holiday destination in the world. In fact British tourism figures have jumped by over 60% since the word has spread about the welcome offered by the highly organised New Zealand tourism industry.

new-zealand-1The government and people of the country are extremely aware of the environmental effects of tourism and do more than possibly any other country in the world to minimise its effects while still allowing visitors to enjoy all that this exciting and exotic location as to offer.